2014 Physical Accountability - 4 months down 8 to go

I can't believe that I haven't given an update since the end of January, I correctly identified that 2014 was going to be a battle and let me just tell you it's been a DOG FIGHT!My goals are 26,000 Push Up Burbees, 5th and 4th Kyu in Aikido. With 4 months down I had to give up burpees and have attained 5th Kyu.One of the members of my physical board of directors, Dr. Rob Benningfield (my Chiropractor) told me to watch my bio-mechanics on the burpees. You have to understand that he knows how my body works better than anyone else in the world. He predicted that the sheer quantities of burpees was going to strain my right knee, hips and elbows. I told him "whatever bro, I can do it." For me to hit my goal I needed to do 84 burpees 6 days a week for 52 weeks. By week 12 Rob was right and I was wrong. I was doing 90 buprees per day. My workout was really simple and super short:  10 burpees to warm up, 8 sets of 10 burpees at a time; during the recovery I was practicing my Aikido techniques with invisible opponent. At the same time my Aikido fitness was getting better and better and I was able to have much higher output in the dojo.Everything was tolerable and moving along until on a random day, doing Shomenuchi Ikkyo Ura I felt a snap in the back of my right knee while I was doing the tenkan. One of the guys on the mat heard the snap and I went down. I thought I had torn or dislocated something in my knee but with Rob's help found out it was a strained muscle in my knee (can't remember the name).I had a conversation that night with Kim in early March and it went like this:Me: Babe, do you think I should stop doing burpees?Kim: I thought your goal was to keep doing 26,000 push ups per year?Me: It is but I need the conditioning so I figure the 26,000 burpees kills to birds with 1 stone.Kim: What about Aikido? I thought you wanted 4th Kyu.Me: I do.Kim: So if you want your pushups and 4th Kyu then burpees don't make any sense. Focus on your 2 goals.Me: Ok.So as a result all I do now are push ups and Aikido.  My goals are:

  • 26,000 Push ups.  I've done 6,500 and am 2,048 behind the 8 ball.  But I've been here before and I'm not stressed at all.
  • 5th Kyu & 4th Kyu in Aikido.  I attained my 5th Kyu on April 14 (Aliya's 11th birthday.

Overall the 2 major reminders I've had in the first 4 months of 2014 are this:  have adaptable tactics and stay injury free.Kim shot this video of my 5th Kyu test :)

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4 Steps that define "...think about it..."

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